Music Ministry

Music Ministry

All of the weekend Masses at St Patrick's and St Bernard's churches are supported by different groups of volunteer musicians, instrumentalists and singers. Each of our weekend Masses has a different musical flavour, from traditional hymns supported by organ to contemporary music for young people supported by keyboard and guitar. The parish also has a number of different choir groups, as well as informal groups of singers who attend when their schedules allow.

All music groups welcome new members at any time. Keyboard players/organists are especially needed; guitars and other instruments are also very welcome, either as regular participants or on an occasional basis. Mentoring and support from established parish musicians can be provided for new musicians.

To join one of our groups, please feel welcome to introduce yourself to group members at any Mass, or contact parish Music Coordinators for more information:

Patricia Smith 9482 7935 (St Patrick's)

Peter Brooks 9456 2402 (St Bernard's)

Parish Music Scholarship program

The parish provides up to three music scholarships for young parishioners who are committed to participating in parish music ministry. Scholarships are held for a period of one year (renewable), with monies going to ongoing music education expenses. Scholarship holders participate actively in parish liturgies at least twice per month. Audition and interview essential. 

St Bernard's Senior Choir performing "Hands of Mercy Ready"
Words and music by Pat Smith


Children's Choir singing our Mother's Day song (May 2016) 

01.Children's Choir Mothers Day song

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Parish Choirs

Senior Parish Choir

Established:      2007-2008

Membership:    12 members – open to new members (no audition)

Rehearsals:      Once per month, 1st Friday 11am St Bernard's church

Contact:            Choir manager, Ruth Carlos 9987 4179

History:             The Senior Parish Choir was founded as a service to the parish community, to support parish funerals with music and their presence. As a community, the parish has a responsibility to welcome and farewell our members with as much dignity, beauty and grace as possible. Often the participants at funerals are strangers to the parish, and even to the Church. The Choir provides a supportive presence, a visible sign of the community's loving care, through music and singing.

Since its foundation, however, the Choir has branched out into several different areas. The Choir sings each month at the parish Mass of Anointing held at St Bernard's parish church on the first Friday of each month at 11.30am. The Choir has sung regularly in Lent and Advent at Kuringgai Gardens, a local nursing home.  The Choir also sings for major feasts and sacramental celebrations, and combines with other parish music groups for parish celebrations such as Confirmation,  and farewells and welcomes for parish clergy. The Choir continues to provide its support for parish funerals at no charge.

Special Events:

            2008                50th Anniversary of opening of St Patrick's school

            2011                Diocesan Choral Festival in Woy Woy

            2012                Fr Patrick McMaugh's funeral                       

            2013                Parish International Food Festival

                                    Parish celebration of St Patrick's Day

            2015                Mass of Anointing and Singalong concert, St Bernard's church

            2016                Farewell for Fr Jinto, and Fr Thomas

                                    Mass of Anointing and Christmas Carols Kuringgai Gardens Nursing Home

            2017                Farewell for Deacon Kevin Hale


Parish Children's Choir

Established:      June 2005

Membership:     33 members (April 2017) from 8 to 16 years - open to new members from Year 3 and older (no audition)

Rehearsals:       Every Friday in school terms, 4-5pm, St Patrick's church

Contact:            Patricia Smith 9482 7935 (Director)

Assistant Director: Michaela de Souza

History:             The Children's Choir was founded in 2005 by its present director under the auspices of Fr Robert Borg, to give children and young people the opportunity to participate more fully in parish Masses and liturgies. The Choir sings regularly at 10am Mass every 2nd and 4th Sunday during school terms. Members of the Choir have a unique leadership role, announcing the Gospel in song, exercising roles of genuine responsibility within parish celebrations. They are an inspiration of active participation in the liturgy and the community not just to other young people but to all of the congregation, in the generous gift of their work, their time and their talents.

The Children's Choir also offers opportunities for young people to train as cantors and song-leaders.  Currently the Choir draws its members from many different schools, including St Patrick's primary school, St Leo's, Mt Colah Public, Mt St Benedict, St Mary's Cathedral College, Mercy College Chatswood, and St Pius X.

The Choir also combines with other parish music groups for special parish events and celebrations such as Easter, the sacrament of Confirmation, and clergy welcomes and farewells.

The Children's Choir celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015 by hosting the inaugural Diocesan Children's Choir Games, a gathering of young singers from neighbouring parishes to compete and perform.

Special Events

            2011                Recording CD: Selected Simple Psalms for  Year A

                                    Diocesan Choral Festival at Woy Woy

            2012                Fr Patrick McMaugh's funeral           

            2013                Diocesan Children's Choir Festival at Waitara

                                    Parish International Food Festival

            2015                Diocesan Choir Games, St Patrick's church, Asquith

            2016                Diocesan Choir Games, Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara


Children's Choir Schedule Semester 1 2019 - Click Here

Select Children's Choir

Established:      June 2012

Membership:    14-20 members (April 2017) from 8 to 19 years

Rehearsals:      Every Friday in school terms, 5-6pm, St Patrick's church

Contact:            Patricia Smith 9482 7935 (Director)

History:           The Select Choir is an off-shoot of the Parish Children's Choir. Membership is by invitation by the director. It was formed initially to sing at a wedding but very quickly took on an identity of its own. Its main focus is part-singing, traditional and contemporary music. On Palm Sunday, 2013, the Select Choir recorded a CD 'When I Am Troubled- Psalms for Times of Sadness', which was distributed throughout the parish community. In June of that year, they sang at the inaugural Diocesan Children's Choral Festival at Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral in Waitara. Since then the Select Choir has regularly presented Reflection evenings early in Advent and The Way of the Cross, in Lent of each year, combining readings, reflections and music.

Since 2015, the Choir has presented a annual concert of Christmas carols at The Dish, a local initiative which provides food for local homeless people.

Recent events

Advent Reflection evening 16th December 2016

The Dish December 2016

The Way of the Cross – The Passion according to Matthew 31st March, 2017


The Parish String Group was formed by Michaela de Souza  in 2015.

Former parish keyboard and Children's Choir scholarship holder, Michaela is currently assistant director of the parish Children's Choir as well as parish keyboard player.

The group, known as 'Arco' plays for parish Masses, weddings, reflection evenings and other special events, including the Diocesan Children's Choir Games in 2015 and 2016.

Between them the three members play violin, cello, clarinet, bass clarinet and piano, and sing in harmony. The group is available to play for weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, and other occasions. Regular members, Michaela de Souza, Naomi Massa and Phillip Cullen, are accompanied by Patricia Smith.

Contact: Michaela de Souza


When Words Fail, Music Speaks

by the members of the Ku-ring-gai Chase Parish Children's Choir - October 2012

The members of the Children's Choir of Ku-ring-gai Chase parish were asked to share some reflections on being part of the Choir.

Choir is good because we learn co-operation and confidence in ourselves and others. By learning and trying out new music and songs, the choir members learn to adapt to new situations in a fun environment. Choir has been an incredible experience because it makes Masses more fun and makes Catholicism come to life. It is a great way to meet people your age. (Alexandra, 13)


Making friends is an important part of the experience:

I love singing in the choir because of meeting new people and being friends with everyone. (Katie, 10)

You get to find new friends from other schools. (Alexey, 9)

You learn co-operation by working together and interacting with each other. (Ben, 10)

It is a great opportunity for children to come together to sing, make new friends and playing games. (David, 9)


They enjoy singing, and value learning:

Choir is a fantastic experience that encourages self-confidence, and is a fun, friendly way to learn cooperation, music and social skills. A large variety of ages within the choir provides interesting opinions and more learning opportunities. (Phillip, 12) 

You learn  to sing and you learn new songs (Lachlan, 8)

Children's Choir is good because we sing and learn new songs. (Lucy, 12)

It is good to learn to sing. (Cam, 9)

I never learned to sing songs before; it's fun. (Ryan, 9)


Being given real responsibility is important to them:

In choir, you're allowed to have a say in what you sing. (Naomi, 12)

You get to learn new psalms. (Jacinta, 11)

You learn to sing, and you get to sing solos. (Alexey, 9)

Everyone including younger children have the chance to do everything. (Charlie, 10)


It's fun:

It's a great opportunity to have fun because you play games, sing songs and get together. (Luke, 9) Choir is an awesome experience as we meet new friends, sing new songs and learn the Gospel. I enjoy making friends and learning new songs. It's fun! Being in the choir makes me feel very happy. (Helena, 10)


And it's a spiritual experience:

You can experience your inner self and express your Catholicism – singing is a great way to relieve your emotions. (Alex, 14)

Some of us find God in music and songs. (Ben, 10)

It's a great experience for the kids and it helps us with nerves. (Lilly, 10)

It's a great place to get together as a small community and share a common interest. (Tom, 15)

Children's choir is great and it allows kids in the choir to get involved in an aspect of church. We also get to bond with kids from other years and schools and we can make friends with others. At the same time, we can help lead the congregation in hymns and psalms that are new – we enhance the church Masses! And choir is heaps fun! I enjoy choir because it allows you to mingle with younger and older people. Also, it teaches us to sing well and it teaches us how to breathe properly. We also do music theory in choir so we learn all this musical terminology that we'd never have heard of otherwise! We also learn to harmonise with each other and record CD's to showcase our abilities. (Michaela, 15)

The parish choir has been a part of my life from before I could remember. The friends we make are for life. We pray through song. It's the best way of praying because you're not really thinking about what you're doing. When words fail, music speaks. (Georgie, 15)

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