Outreach Ministries

St Vincent De Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society consists of a group of men and women dedicated to service of the poor or those in any need.


Alan Henson, Asquith 9476 2120

John Ryan, Berowra 9456 3503

Social Justice Group

Involves parish in prayer, awareness raising and action concerned with issues of justice affecting society

Contact: Margaret Acret 9489 8096

For more information visit this website: http://www.socialjustice.catholic.org.au/


Working and relating with other Christian Churches is considered a 'duty of the Christian conscience'.

Ecumenism is the movement among Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Churches towards Christian unity.

Parishioners each year take part in the World Day of Prayer, hosted in turn by the local churches. Other groups in the district in which some parishioners take part are:

LinC  – Love in the Name of Christ -which aims to help members of the community in various ways.

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Interfaith Relations

The Church urges us with prudence and love to enter into discussion and collaboration with members of other religions.

A local Interfaith group is Women Interfaith Sharing Hornsby (W.I.S.H.)

All women of goodwill are invited to hear about and discuss the status of women in five faiths.

Please direct enquires to Margaret on 9477 2172 or email: interfaithWISH@gmail.com

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Current Events: E-Bulletins

Stay informed about events and resources relating to Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations. The Parish Support Unit of the Diocese of Broken Bay offers a free E-Bulletin service (emailed once or twice a month).

To subscribe, send an email request to teresa.pirola@dbb.org.au



The Church has the mission to help bring the Gospel, or Good News, to the world. This sacred task requires ever newer energies, strategies and commitment to this task.

The New Evangelisation is an initiative of Pope John Paul II, which seeks to energise all Catholics to this mission.

While all the ministries in our parish endeavour to be Good News, a particular group meets with those who enquire about Christianity in the Catholic Church.

This is called the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).

Contact: Susie Gates 9482 4136

Information is also available from the Pastoral Centre


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